Nov 25, 2018

5 Simple Tips To Convert PSD to Email Template

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The entire process starts with creating the design by using the tools, like Adobe Photoshop, before launching the site, which is later transformed into a fully functional website. Converting PSD to email template is the most effective way to introduce a company to a wider range of customers, helping the business to grow faster.

Tips For PSD To HTML Email Conversion

1- Use Tables: It is wiser to use the traditional way of designing the templates and familiarize yourself with the cell-spacing as most of the email clients do not support plain CSS layout. It is good to utilize nested tables, when possible in order to overcome the inconsistency of email clients in interpreting padding and margins.

Nested table simply involves one table inside another. You can nest even multiple

tables, but just be careful about creating a mess. Some of the clients may use around

eight nests, but you need to consider huge nests for your designs.

2- Use Inline CSS: HTML emails support CSS, but to a limited extent as you are unable to utilize an external style sheet here. However, you can use inline CSS to style the distinct elements in the tables. You can even use the tools to convert external style sheet into inline style, like Pre-mailer and HTML Inline Style.

Take it as a thumb rule, keep your web page fairly narrow under 600 pixels. It is good to stay narrow in every email design to avoid hassles of horizontal scrolling.

3- Images: When it comes to using images, there are several things to consider as some of the clients do not support background images at all, while others will support, but often have the images turned off by default. Eliminating images is not a solution, make sure that your email works fine, even without them. You can use the background colors as fallback such that the text is readable and test the layout with images being disabled.

4- Canceling Subscription easily: Emails are usually the part of newsletters, subscribed by a user. Sometimes, users sign-up for a service, but later change their mind or they may not realize that they have activated any service. In such cases, subscription cancelling should be effortless so that the user can easily figure out the link to cancel his request for subscription.

5- Quality Over Quantity: Emails act as the sole source of consistent communication between the business owner and their customers. It is wiser to design a template that displays a little information exceptionally well, rather than a lot of content messed up.

The key aspect here is quality content over the quantity. You have just 3 to 6 seconds to grab your readers’ attention, accomplish this with attractive visuals, quick loading, concise copy as well as clear descriptive headers.


No doubt, HTML emails hold a significant place in comparison to plain text emails. But, when it comes to designing and developing email templates, it can be more confounding. To overcome such issues and make it convenient to get accomplished, these tips and tricks will surely help you in converting PSD to Email template flawlessly.

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