Dec 9, 2018

Brush tool in Photoshop in Bangla (Lesson 24)

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In this video, I have discussed about Brush tool in Photoshop in Bangla (Lesson 24). The subtopics that I covered in this lesson are:
Brush size,
Brush hardness,
Brush angle and roundness,
Selecting different brush categories,
Reset brushes,
Selecting a brush tip and picking color,
Changing blending mode for brush,
Changing opacity and flow for brush,
Enabling pen pressure for opacity and flow,
Enabling airbrush-style build-up effects,
Changing brush diameter with keyboard shortcuts,
Brush Panel,
Brush presets,
Changing brush tip shape,
Changing Shape dynamics,
Changing Scattering,
Changing Dual brush,
Changing Color dynamics,
Creating new brush or brush preset.

This lesson, Brush tool in Photoshop in Bangla (Lesson 24) is in 2 versions as always. You can either watch the English or the Bangla version.

About the tutorial series:
This is my first video tutorial series on YouTube. I have prepared both Bengali and English versions for the viewers. In this tutorial series, I have discussed starting from the very basics of Photoshop all the way to the advance level tutorials.

This tutorial series is divided into 7 different chapters. Those are:
Chapter-1: Fundamentals of Photoshop
Chapter-2: Different selection tools and their use
Chapter-3: Working with texts in Photoshop
Chapter-4: Use of different photo correction tools
Chapter-5: Image Adjustments
Chapter-6: Filter effects
Chapter-7: Advanced projects and commands

These tutorials are for everyone. So if you are a beginner then you can start from today. If you follow all these lessons and understand everything and practice them well then you will be able to do professional works. So, best of luck.

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