Dec 23, 2018

Free Simple Folder Mockup

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There is a military term that fits today’s entry. Namely, I mean “reconciliation with a fight”. Well, the creation of the mock-up, which I make available today was a bit problematic for me, already before the approach to its creation I knew that there would be several problems with it, and unfortunately all my fears were confirmed.

With this attempt, because it should be called, I wanted to check a few things, and that with such a check I did practically all the material, I stated that it can be shared. Well, not every mock-up must be a tip-top. In total, he should, but let’s agree that I will still go down to this. Certainly this is not the last mockup of the portfolio that I will perform, so we can treat it as such a small preview of what will appear in the uncertain future.

It is also worth noting that the folder is a material that has appeared quite often in the recent entry Your idea for mockup. So in a sense, its creation is already the answer to your needs. Of course, this topic has appeared in my head for some time, but without a clear signal that I probably would not take it for it.

Have a nice download, below are some pictorial images of how it looks. And if you have any comments, do not hesitate to scold me in the comments.



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