Dec 3, 2018

How to Do Half Tones | Photoshop Lessons

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Hey, this is Scott Strong from The Training Farm and today I’m going to show you how to create a halftone effect in Photoshop. We start with this image of a young guy and his costume and what I want to do first is I want to pop the colors just a little bit to give it more of a comic book sort of feel. So, I’m going to go to Image, adjustments, curves, I’m just going to move my highlights control over just a little bit. You can see the blues already starting to become a little bit more vibrant and I’m just going to drop my mid tones just a little bit and hit, OK. Next, what I want to do is I want to create sort of a line layer to make it look a little bit more like a drawn image, so I’m going to start by duplicating the background layer. On the background copy I’m going to change the name of that by double clicking on it. I’m going to change it to, “Lines”. Next, what I’ll do is I’ll go to the filter, filter gallery, and I’m going to select the stamp filter. If I hit command minus on my keyboard or Ctrl minus on Windows you can already see what sort of effect that’s going to give you. I’ll hit, OK.

Now I have the Lines layer. What I want that to do is mix with the background layer, so what I’ll do is I’ll change the blending mode of it from normal over to multiply. Next, what I’ll do is I want to create a halftone layer in here, so what I’ll do is again I’ll duplicate the background layer and this is going to be called, “Halftone”. Next, what I’ll do is go to the filter, filter gallery, and I’ll choose, halftone pattern. I’ll just zoom out a little bit and I want to get a large size with nice contrast. You can customize this to your own liking. I’ll hit, OK. I have my halftone effect so I want it to blend with the background as well, so I’m just going to change the blending mode from normal to overlay. If I zoom in you can see that the halftone effect is already mixing with the background giving us a nice comic book sort look. And that’s how you create a halftone effect in Photoshop.


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