Dec 7, 2018

How to Edit Images With the 3 Best Softwares That Are Easily Available

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Even in this digital generation everyone needs to edit image or photos sometimes. There are many reasons that people are required to edit an image. Some of the reasons are the bad lights, a camera flash reflecting from eyes, a flickered image and more. Many times people wish to remove the background of an image entirely and change it with a completely new one. People also wish to remove the advertising boards or written titles accidentally captured in their photographs. With the advanced technologies and rapid improvement in softwares, all this editing can be done with a few mouse clicks. Here I will talk about how to edit image with the 3 best softwares.

1. Microsoft Paint:

Microsoft Paint, also known as MS Paint is one of the basic softwares to edit images. It comes free with any Microsoft operating systems. This is a starter level software. Anyone with no experience in photo editing can operate some of the excellent functions in this software. The basic functions come with MS Paint are Free-Form Select with which you can select any area randomly, Eraser allows you to erase anything in picture which is usually used for written titles. Then there is a Text function in this software through which you can add your own texts anywhere in the image. One of the most appealing functions in MS Paint is "Pick Color" command, with which you can point a pick color pen to any color in the image and it will select exactly the same color. This usually is used to remove unwanted spots appearing on the skin.

2. Corel Draw's Photo Paint:

Second best software in image editing is Corel Photo Paint. This software requires some skill to operate. Many professionals use photo paint in their routine professional work for editing images. There are 4 main functions you can perform with photo paint for editing images. With it's Red-Eye Removal tool, you can easily remove the camera flash reflections in the eyes. Secondly it provides you with Touch-Up Brush tool, that helps remove the dots or scratches made by dust particles. This typically comes in notice on the scanned photographs. Thirdly you can make some fun looking editing with it's Shadow Effect tool, that gives your photo a 3D look. And lastly you can apply a Torn Edge effect to your photos, that will make all 4 sides appear torn. Photo Paint has a number of different functions that allow you to edit image just how you want it.

3. Adobe Photoshop:

Adobe Photoshop is the best software you can have for image editing. It also requires some advanced level skill to operate. With Photoshop you can perform all the tasks that you could do with MS Paint and Photo Paint. In addition to that, with layer blend mode you can modify under exposed photos by increasing the brightness without affecting the quality of the photo. You can also change your hair color with layer blend mode. There is a background eraser tool that allows you to easily remove objects from the background. By selective coloring you can easily remove color from certain elements of a picture and leave other colors in a photograph as it is to highlight a particular area. There are many more things you can do with Photoshop like changing a hair color, put new objects in the photographs and you can even make your friend look like a cartoon.

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