Dec 3, 2020
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How one can earn your Accept beautiful pointers and tricks to earn your Accept more life like(Hindi)-Class-21

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How one can earn your make sharpen and procure bake your part with 2steps
earn your make beautiful with easy 2 steps

EON THE Solidarity of Clothier

Leader of his community With 13 Professional Designers and Different 250 Pupil of Digital Clothier.
The Giving Handiest Efficiency in Developed our Change, We’re Assemble the finest Accept in digital Print.
Whilst you occur to are Clothier and whenever you will take care of to connect with us.
I’m also Giving prepared make Folder to my 200 Client

Our work in assorted self-discipline
• Digital print
• Graphics Accept
• Printing media make
• j-quad(weave) make
• Application and hardware master
• Embroidery
• Characterize making improvements to
• Video making improvements to

Connect Us
VK –

Our work in assorted tool
1. Wilcom 2006, e2
2. Adobe Photoshop
3. Adobe illustrator
4. Adobe Premier suited
5. Corel draw
6. Adobe Audition
7. Adobe Aftereffect

Digital Accept
Creative Accept Also On hand in Folder With many class Quite loads of make,
We address 200 birthday celebration in Digital cloth printing in share-time with overjoyed responses’
We also sale more than 200000rs Accept in digital print and various self-discipline with fully chuffed provider.
We indulge in 20 suited designers. For inventive make,
In checklist for you to procure inventive thought joint me,

Images is one of my passion with hidden share-time work at take care of excursions and flow and a few event also.

Ability to get rid of one of live surprising second,
With famous massage click on and edit it,
Assemble a photo manipulation with clicks,
And offers its joyful curve

Art Studio in SURAT
EON the UNITY OF DESIGNER. Contented to connect with you.
We’re present Clothier, Accept Folders, & Accept related services and products

**Our students says that**
Rupeksha Patel
One of many finest ability to originate our abilities in designing, finest for learning by you tube channel, advertising and marketing.
They work for all designers who must give a hold to our self.
Stunning group work.

Bhaskar Talsaniya
Different variety of work in world stage and finest companies for a learning advertising and marketing and dealing for market stage and talents give a hold to for our us…

jethava janak
It is The Handiest Platform for Most up-to-date Digital Market
And Also Pork up for Digital Clothier and Its Delight in An total bunch Update for Most up-to-date Digital Market….

Quite about me:
I’m Chintan Munjani
I’m instructing the Wilcom-2006, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom’s, Adobe Premier Professional
I primarily indulge in also work as a Clothier, Tutor, Teacher coach, Keep Manager
My Training Qualification Is
Graduate in & Grasp Will Running

For more part,
+91 9173344772

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