Dec 6, 2018

How to Make Your Own Avatar For Your Website

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Impressive-looking avatars will surely help you leave a mark online. Here’s how to make your own avatar for your website using free, easy tools.

When it comes to making avatars and other graphics, most of us would assume that digital artists are the only ones capable of doing this job. If you have always maintained that thought, it’s time you think out of the box and look at the possibilities. Today, whether you are a digital artist or not, you can create avatars for your website using various programs and online tools.

To succeed in this task, you need to have basic knowledge of certain image editing tools, access to a wide library of effects, actions, brushes, and stock photos.

1. Make sure you know how to use photo-editing programs. The best way to start making avatars is to familiarize yourself with programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Flash, or MSPaint. It would also help to know how to create animated image since most websites allow animated GIFs.

Aside from learning how to use these programs, you should also familiarize yourself with popular tools such as tablets, stylus pens, scanners, and similar tools.

2. Spend time conceptualizing or get ideas from pop culture. If you don’t know how to get started with your avatar, it would also help to spend a few minutes conceptualizing, designing it, or getting ideas from pop culture. There are so many artists whose work have become viral over time, such as Andy Warhol’s popular caricatures of Marilyn Monroe, or South Park.

It is highly recommended to be as unique as possible, but it would also help to get ideas from today’s popular artwork.

3. Make drafts on your computer. Now that you have an idea on what avatar to make, the next step is to make drafts. It’s okay to make mistakes in this part of the avatar-making process since this is the drafting stage after all. Once you have a clear image of the avatar you plan to make, save the outline and get ready to add color and improve its details.

4. Finalize your creation. This step involves coloring and finalizing the avatar you have created. It would help to add solid colors on your avatar to make it more visible from afar; however, as the creator of your own avatar, you have creative freedom to color it to your liking.

If you have patterned your avatar after a certain popular image, it would help to capture and use the same colors as well.

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