Dec 6, 2018

How to Recover Lost or Deleted Photos From Adobe Photoshop

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How often have you deleted a file, only to require it later? Have you deleted a PSD (Photoshop Document) and then realized the mistake? By the time you understood that the deletion is accidental, you are unable to restore the PSD file because the Recycle Bin is empty. It leads to critical photo loss situations and you need to go for Photo Recovery Software to retrieve lost files, if an updated backup is not in place.

What is PSD File?

Adobe Photoshop has firm ties with other applications from Adobe for animation, authoring, and editing. PSD is the native format of Photoshop that stores image with support for all imaging options of Photoshop. These options includes color spaces, layers with masks, text, transparency, spot colors, and alpha channels. PSD is a well-known file format, which is supported by various competing software. You can also save the PSD image, after editing, to other image formats, such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, and EPS.

When a file gets deleted or goes missing, you lose your project. This situation cannot be accepted at any cost and you wish to get it back. You may lose your PSD due to any of the below reasons:

-Accidental deletion of important PSD files.

-Unintentional hard drive formatting.

-File system or other system meta data structure corruption.

-System crash or operating system malfunction.

-Your computer is infected by viruses or other malicious programs.

-Partition corruption or deletion.

-Boot errors or missing boot files.

If any of the above problems occur, your file may become inaccessible. In such circumstances, you need to Recover Deleted Photos to get them back.

How to Recover Lost PSD Files?

-Check Recycle Bin of your computer. If you simply deleted the file, using Delete key and have not emptied Recycle Bin, the file is there in Recycle Bin. You can restore the file from there.

-Restore PSD file from the most recent backup.

-Use commercial Digital Photo Recovery Software to recover lost PSD files.

The Photo Recovery tools are particularly designed to scan your hard drive using advanced scanning algorithms and retrieve all lost multimedia files. They provide easy and safe recovery in all cases of PSD file loss.

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