Dec 27, 2018

Match Color in Photoshop (Lesson 36)

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In this video, I showed how to Match Color in Photoshop. I showed how you can select a person from a background using Quick selection tool and place him in a new background and then match the color of that person with the background using the Match color command or Match color adjustment. For Match color adjustment, I showed how to select the source and layer and then adjusting the Luminance, Color intensity and Fade.

From this lesson, you will learn how to combine two images matching color using the Match color command or Match color adjustment in Photoshop.

This lesson, Match Color in Photoshop (Lesson 36) is in 2 versions as always. You can either watch the English or the Bangla version.

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Hello viewers! I am Rakib. In this lesson, I will show you how to match color in Photoshop. So, we will extract this person from this background and we will place him here in this background and we also match the color of the person with this background. So let’s select the Quick selection tool from here to make the selection first. Let’s correct it. Now we will press Ctrl+C from the keyboard and we will press Ctrl+V to paste it here and we will press V from the keyboard to select the move tool and we will place him here and now you can press Ctrl+T to get the transform box and we will hold shift and drag to make it smaller. Let’s make it a little bit more smaller and then press Enter. As you can see one can clearly tell that this person is from a different image because the color of this person is completely different than this background and that’s the reason why we should match the color when combining two images. So, first we have to press Ctrl+J to duplicate this layer and then select the layer and go to: Image/Adjustments/ and select Match color. Now we have to do the two things: We have to select the source and the layer. In this case, the source is this background.jpeg document and the layer is this layer, the background. So we will select the source which is background.jpeg and the layer which is the background. Now you can see the default adjustment. First, we will use the Fade option. If I drag the Fade slider to the Right, it will become the image it was before like this. And the more we drag it left, it matches the color with the background. So we’re gonna set it here and we will change the intensity and the luminance. I think now it’s looking good. So we will click OK. That’s the before and after. So that’s how you can match color when combining two images together. So if you like this video then you can give a thumbs up and share it and if you have not subscribed to this channel yet then you can subscribe. Hope to see you in the next lesson. Thanks for watching.

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