Jan 2, 2020

MySpace Layouts – Get Your Site Noticed

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MySpace still reigns as the number one social bookmarking site, with an estimated fifty million members! Simply doing a Google search for “MySpace codes” or “MySpace stuff” will bring in millions of results, as “pimping” out profiles is a very popular trend. Every single user wants his or her profile to stand out, and this can be done by the user implementing his or her own personality.

So what all types of MySpace layouts are out there? There are dozens of categories, ranging from sports layouts to girly layouts. Males have MySpace layout choices that include their favorite sports teams, female celebrity crushes, and more. Young women can choose from glitter layouts and graphics, favorite male celebrity crushes, etc. Some other popular MySpace layouts include anime layouts, religious layouts, political layouts, movie layouts-Twilight layouts are now extremely popular, especially among girls.

There is a high demand for “pretty,” and “glittery” layouts. Girls enjoy making glitter graphics and layouts, such as the infamous “dollz.” There are literally millions of glitter graphics, glitter layouts, and glitter dollz out there to choose from. It’s a trend for guys to pimp their websites out with sporty graphics, funny graphics and pictures, and more.

Holiday MySpace layouts and seasonal layouts are also very popular during festive seasons. Whether a MySpace user wants a spooky Halloween layout, a Christmas or Hanukkah layout, Winter Solstice layout, or a pretty Valentine’s Day layout, there are many MySpace websites that offer all of them.

For those who prefer working on their own layouts, there are MySpace layout generators and templates readily available on the web. Since not everyone can be a Photoshop wiz, layout generators are easy enough to figure out. All one has to do is input the specific attributes for their preferred layout, such as text color, background images, etc., and then the precise code will be generated. It can be copied, pasted, and/or edited into the “about me” box at MySpace.

Bands, models, organizations, and businesses are also using MySpace for promotion. Entertainers often use MySpace as a way to keep in touch with the fans, as well as obtaining new ones. Internet entrepreneurs also use MySpace as a way to promote their websites and businesses. MySpace is often the preferred method of “social bookmarking” for webmasters and bloggers.

In summary, whatever type of personality a MySpace user has, he or she can easily choose from millions of graphics, layouts, layout generators, avatars, games, tweaks, comment pictures, and more. There is so much to choose from that some users end up changing their layouts every single day! It’s easy to become bored with the same layout after awhile, so thankfully there are countless others to choose from.

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