Dec 8, 2018

Step-By-Step AdSense Guide

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Most people who are interested in generating some income online using the Internet may have heard of the Google AdSense Program. Being a Google AdSense Publisher for more than 5 years, I think it would be beneficial to the new publishers if I were to create a step by step guide like this article for this popular program to help you earn more income online.

Many people thought that the first step is to apply for a AdSense account but this is the wrong start. The first step to become a good AdSense Publisher is to do a bit of research to ensure that your future website is profitable. There are two main factors you need to look into when determining if the niche is profitable. First, you must make sure that the niche you choose has a search demand. Meaning that there must be people searching for the niche every month. For example, if you want to create a website about helping people increasing their productivity, you should use Google keywords suggestion tool to check out what are the keywords that people type into search engines for related productivity issues.

After knowing that there are demand for such keywords, then you should look at the advertising opportunities for this niche. To put it simply, there is no point creating a website with a topic that no Advertisers are interested. You can follow the following step to check if your niche has any Advertisers or not. Simply go to Google.com and key in the keywords that you want to target, for example, productivity systems. Now, keep your eyes on the sponsored results at the top and the right of the search engine results to see if there are any Advertisers. If there are a lot of advertisements, this means that this niche is a good topic to attract Advertisers.

The next thing you should do is to start creating your website for the keywords that you have chosen to target. The first priority for the website design should be as simple as possible especially if you want to target AdSense as the main revenue model. Many WordPress themes are clean and very suitable for AdSense Publishers. In my personal experiences, I find that pure Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) templates are the best for AdSense websites because they load much faster and greater flexibility as long as you have some HTML and CSS knowledge. For most beginners, I would suggest using WordPress Content Management System (CMS) to start off.

The final and most important step is to apply for a Google AdSense Publisher account. Do make sure your site is not under construction when you apply for AdSense as they will not approve websites that are incomplete. For more useful tips after you have successfully set up your website and AdSense, try Google for ‘AdSense optimization tips’.

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