Dec 4, 2018

The Art of Skateboards and Screen Printing

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Skateboarding, in general, holds a unique style amongst itself, and allows for a plethora of variations in style and creativity. When a rider chooses their skate, or clothing, they are looking for something that they can identify with. Sometimes this is beer, girls, or hyped up phrases that the buddies are calling out all the time. Other times this is a call for something that will set them apart from the pack. So whatever you choose, make sure that you will provide something that your audience is looking for. More time and thought, rather than less put into this will lead to successful designs.

The most commonly used form of printing today in the textile industry still stands as screen printing. Other methods are available, such as direct to shirt printing, but provide a lower quality, less durable finish. In order to set up you designs to be ready for screen printing, you will need to have some knowledge in Photoshop, adobe illustrator, or other pixel and vector editing programs, that can save your files in popular formats such as JPEG, TIFF, and EPS.

To avoid huge graphic design charges from a printing companies prep department, you will have to have each color separated into layers, so they can easily create a screen for each color to be printed onto your shirt. Some companies require that your artwork be vectorized. so if there are too many colors and details, this will be a very time consuming task. One of the best things to keep in mind for budget operations, is the less colors that you use, the less expensive your final product will be. Think of this as an artistic quality instead of a hindrance.

Today in skateboard manufacturing, heat transfer technology is the industry standard. This opens up the doors to many more color schemes and vibrance. The world is you oyster when it comes to heat transfer paper. Again, the only thing to keep in mind is that the more color and ink that you use, the more it will cost to print.

One thing to keep in mind while printing, is the size of your artwork, Determine first hand if the same graphic will suite a small size and a large size. Similar to a man, or woman’s shirt. Something that may look good on a kids shirt, will look ridiculously small on a XXL shirt. Any extra screens needed will cost more money or equivalently, time.

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