Nov 28, 2018

Web Developer As Compared To Web Designer

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Web developer and web designer are the two terminologies that usually confuse the clients that want a website to be prepared and hosted on the internet. There are many people that consider both the terminologies to be referring to the same identity but this is absolutely wrong. This usually happens because these people have not been informed about the truth. The definition and scope of work would be primarily more than sufficient to make clear the difference between a web developer and web designer.

Let us first consider the website maker. The maker is a person who designs the website with the help of hypermedia or hypertext. The main areas of concern for the maker include the layout, values ​​and the color scheme of the website. Professional's prime responsibility is bringing life to the website through the graphics and other tools that are at his / her disposal. Some of the tools used by the professional are video technology, Flash, JPEG, GIF, PDF, PNG, Illustrator, Photoshop, CSS, Corel, and HTML. One should not misunderstand the expert to be just a graphic designer because a conventional graphic designer is primarily concerned with the print media, book illustration and various kinds of advertisements.

A website developer has to make sure that the website flow is streamlined, navigation is easy, and the incoming links and outgoing links are properly working. The web developer is also responsible for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is his / her responsibility to make sure that the content, Meta Tags, Sitemap, synchronization of design and content, Website Scripting and programming and other aspects of SEO are optimized and work in harmony for the maximum functional efficiency of the website. A website developer has to deal with the front end as well as the back end of the website. The website developer needs to make the website free of errors and debugged. A web developer should not be misunderstood to be a web programmer because a web programmer is just concerned with using the appropriate language for coding and programming the website.

This must have cleared that the website designer is quite different from web developer. While a web developer focuses on just maximizing the functionality of the website, the website designer focuses on enhancing the look of the website and making it more appealing. The profiles of the two are quite different. Web development and designing are indicative for the success of the website. Without a website designer the website is not going to get an appealing look. Without a web developer the traffic to the website can not be maximized.

When one needs a web site prepared it is better to avail the services of a professional firm that is a team of excellent web designers and website developers.

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