Dec 11, 2018

What You Need to Know About PhpWCMS

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Every webmaster out there wants to be able to build a website that has the speed, good looking and managed with ease. This is easily achieved if you use CMS your build your website. It possesses a system that allows you to differentiate the content in your website layout and users that have less experience can publish their own materials if they want to. However, if you want to frequently upload files and have limited time to do it, you will be better of with a CMS.

A CMS like phpWCMS can really save you a lot of time. It is easily obtainable because it is open-sourced. It is similar with other software that is open-sourced and it uses MySQL database for the data storage. However, there are certain data it does not store and these data are images that have been converted and files that have been uploaded. Here is what we need to know about phpWCMS it is divided to 2 sections which is the front end where it presents the website and the backend where only the administrators can access. The backend is where you do all the administration stuff like adding content, setting and much more. In addition to that, this software is very user friendly and newbie can learn to use it in no time at all. That is why it has become the choice of many. It no only runs on Windows but also runs perfectly in Linux and Mac Os X operating systems. The 13 language that users can choose from is also an added feature that other software might not possess.

There are many good features about phpWCMS. Firstly, it has unlimited page layout. You will have a built-in wizard that is able to help you step by step. You also get unlimited templates with their templates editor that supports HTML, Javascript and also CSS style sheets. This gives you countless creation possibilities. With huge amount of content, you must have a simple yet effective content management system. Articles, blogs will be able to have small summaries and redirections that can be pointed out in the layout.

From the editing side, you get the multiple WYSIWYG editors that provide you the power to build a website without any prior programming knowledge. You will be able to build websites that have variety and have an appealing attraction.

To let you website be more organize and easy to navigate, you will have content in different parts. The software will handle different types of contents like image, videos, articles and more. However, even though it is so filled with features, it does not support many add-ons. This makes it less flexible. Therefore, phpWCMS is advised to be used for medium sized websites.

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